News... FluidX releases the CryoPod™ carrier designed for safe -150°C sample transportation.


     Finally a safe way to carry your frozen specimens across the lab while maintaining samples integrity.

No more hazardous or heavy methods such as dry ice or LN2 shippers.

No user contact or exposure to liquid nitrogen.

Full monitoring with temperature alarms and audit trail.

It is safe, simple and entirely reliable!

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The latest FluidX range of Readers and Scanners for 1D and 2D barcoded storage tubes and racks

with next generation IntelliCode Decoding Software for minimal set up and advanced user functionality

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FluidX Are Sample Storage and Tracking Specialists

The team at FluidX probably know more about 2D barcoded storage tubes and readers than any other group in the world.

We were part of the team that developed the very first 2D datamatrix barcoded tubes back in 1999 and also introduced the first scanner capable of identifying a whole rack of 96 tubes.

With over fifteen years of continuous development, it's no wonder FluidX 2D barcode readers perform so well.

On October 1, 2014, FluidX, in combination with our development partners Cedrex A/S and BioFex Ltd, was acquired by Brooks Automation, Inc. to help form a new Consumables and Instruments group within Brooks Life Science Systems, a Global leader in automated cold-chain management for drug discovery and biostorage applications.



ISBER International Society for Biological and Environmental Respositories ESBB European, Middle Eastern, and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking